Smart Cars, Dumb Accidents

Smart Cars, Dumb Accidents

Jun 12

A lot of us are pretty concerned with the amount of stuff we have. As the concept of minimalism becomes more and more popular, people are making the decision to cut back on their material objects. This means cutting back on clutter and keeping things simple.

Many people get rid of their paper books and go for an e-reader instead, and others cut back on clothes an opt for a simple wardrobe. Tiny houses are popping up as a way for people to save money on property taxes and utility bills.

Even our cars are getting smaller! Smart cars offer efficiency for an on-the-go person. They get better mileage and take up less space on the road. In turn, this can help cut back on traffic and pollution. However, due to the lightweight nature of these vehicles, passengers are much more likely to be seriously injured in the case of an accident.

Other types of cars that are more prone to accidents, besides smart cars include:

  • Low-to-the-ground cars
  • Convertibles
  • Vehicles with poor blindspots

When a car accident occurs between two cars of a similar size, the force is usually distributed evenly depending on how fast they were going. However, when the cars are of two very different sizes, the smaller car is going to face much larger injuries.

This is why when a semi-truck hits a sedan, the sedan is typically totaled, or why a 4×4 truck can annihilate a smart car.

This is the same concept used in boxing. Boxers are divided into classes based on their weight to keep things fair. A 250-pound person can knock a 125-pound person out easier than they could if they were the same weight, thus the basis for the division. When two unevenly-matched cars collide, the same problem occurs and those in the smaller car are forced to suffer the consequences.

If you’re in a much smaller car and wind up in an accident at the hands of another driver, it’s necessary to have a good idea of where you stand legally. Chapman Injury Lawyers are able and willing to take on cases like this. Another driver’s inability to drive safely is not anyone else’s responsibility but their own, so why should anyone else be held financially accountable?

Whether they were a drunk driver or just changing their radio station, they still need to face the music. The victims already have to go through pain and suffering, both of which are exacerbated when their car is massively outweighed. The last thing that they should have to deal with is financial ruin.

While you recover from your injuries, you should be in touch with a lawyer that can help. On top of losing money to bills, many victims also lose wages while they are out of commission and recovering.

Any decent settlement will account for this and provide enough financial relief to the victim that they won’t have to worry about not being able to pay other bills like rent or utilities. If you get hurt in your smart car, do the smart thing and find the right legal office for you!

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