What Causes Your Swimming Pool To Evaporate?

What Causes Your Swimming Pool To Evaporate?

Sep 17

Is your swimming pool losing water than it normally does? Depending on its size, the amount of water that it loses is up to 1 ½ inch of water per week,. The possible cause is evaporation. Environmental factors can cause a swimming pool to lose around a quarter inch of water daily. Let us now take a look at the common causes of evaporation in swimming pools.


During summer, the hot temperature can play a factor in the water of your swimming pool slowly evaporating. The extreme heat during the day coupled with the cold weather at night adds to the likelihood of evaporation. The swimming pool is like a stove that heats up emitting steam and eventually evaporating.

Lack of Humidity

The drier the heat, the more water is absorbed. In areas where the humidity is relatively high, less water will be lost. Depending on the location of your residence, lack of humidity can also result to the evaporation of the swimming pool.


More exposure to outdoor elements means a higher chance of evaporation. Pools are fully exposed to the sun and wind. As a result, it is more likely to lose water through evaporation. To lower the rate of evaporation, add fences, structures, or trees near the location of the water.

Pool Usage

Simply put, the more people who swim in the pool, the higher is the chance of evaporation. This is because humans have the same destabilizing effect on the micro-climate of the few centimeters of air above the water surface as wind.

So how do you keep the waters of your swimming pool from evaporating? Well, you can invest on a pool cover. It helps reduce swimming pool evaporation up to 97 percent. Without a pool cover, approximately 100 liters of water are wasted daily.
Having a swimming pool at home is a luxury especially during the summer. But if the pool continues to lose water daily, you might end up not having such luxury.