BP Claim Appeals

BP Claim Appeals

Jan 03

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, or BP Oil Spill, that happened in April 2010 has been hailed as among the worst oil catastrophes in American history. It has not only managed to cripple the fragile ecosystem of the surrounding areas, but also the businesses as well as the livelihoods of people living near and around the area. Because of the heavy and extensive damage, the BP has given their word of providing compensation to legitimate claims for losses due to the oil spill, but as years pass, more and more affected claimants have been denied of their right of benefits.

Despite the creation of the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center to assist in handling out the compensation for claimants, BP also has a law firm who specifically handles claims appeals. Because of this, many claims have been rejected, providing claimants no compensation whatsoever. The best way to prevent this from happening is to contact a lawyer who can help deal with a BP appeal.

According to the law firm Williams Kherkher, seventy-five percent of appeals are being won by BP, which means seventy-five percent of claimants’ benefits being turned down. Most claimants fail to answer the appeals letter they receive on time, while others were not aware of the need for legal representation to win the case. This is what stops claimants from gaining any payments.

Once a claimant has been given a BP claims appeal, they have only fourteen days to reply to the letter, otherwise forfeit their right for compensation. This is a critical time for a claimant, thus the need for legal advice and representation is vital in order to draft a proposal necessary for the appeal. Because of the intricacies that these proceedings require, having a lawyer who knows how these BP claims appeals work would ensure that you will have better chance of winning your case.